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Tracking Trends Click here to view Oahu’s 5 Year Neighborhood Median Price & Inventory Levels in PDF format.

The PDF is updated with YTD 2017, January through December, numbers from the HBR Local Market Update statistics going back to the prior 5 years for your use.

Run Date December 31, 2017

5 Year Neighborhood Median Price & Inventory Levels

Single Family

In the 5 year period of 2013 thru 2017, the highest increase median price percentage is in the Makaha – Nanakuli area with an average increase of just under 9% per year. The lowest median price increase was at about 2% per year in the Downtown – Nuuanu area. The highest turn and most units sold was in the Ewa Plain. The lowest months of inventory is in Mililani.


The highest percentage increase in median price was in the Ewa Plain with an average of 10% per year. Waikiki continues to have the highest number of units sold. Kaneohe, Mililani, and Waipahu have the lowest inventory of Condo/Townhouse units.

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